Treatment Types For Drug Addiction

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August 1, 2017 0 Comments

We have some plans and therapies that can be used by active or recovering drug addicts. Choosing the right plan can be a daunting task if you don’t have the appropriate knowledge. Each program has a specific purpose that it has to meet. Since the problem of drug addiction is that serious, the addict and their loved ones have to seek the proper kind of help that is required.

When one is trying to establish which plan is best for them, sifting through the confusing medical literature and reading through the strange drug addiction, related terminologies can make the decision-making process even more stressful. To make a choice easier for you, we are going to discuss below, some of the treatment programs that can be used by drug addicts.

Drug addiction treatment

DetoxificationHandcuffs coming off

This is the process through which the addicts must undergo before they embark on the highly involving treatment program. The program usually takes about five to fourteen days, but the time will be determined by the severity of the patient’s toxification. The major goal of undergoing detoxification is to ensure that all the drug substances are eliminated from the patient’s body. This process may not only be painful, frustrating and emotionally draining but it can cause major withdrawal symptoms due to the sudden deprival of the drug. But the process is necessary as it contributes greatly to the long –term recovery of the addict. We should note that there is no designated cure for drug addiction, all these processes are meant to allow the addicts to live properly without having to depend on foreign substances.

Inpatient programs

This is mostly very popular with those individuals who are seeking help for the very first time, or those who want to clean up after a very long relapse. The plans are highly structured, and they are usually meant to achieve large and rapid changes to the general lifestyle and behavior pattern of an individual. They usually range between a 30-90 day stay in a rehabilitation center. During this time the patient receives a wide range of therapies. During their time at these facilities, patients are highly supervised and counseled by professional therapists. They are expected to clean, shop, and even cook for themselves. These intensive therapies combined with more normal living activities make it easier for them to transform into cleaner beings.

Partial hospitalization programs

This particular program is meant for those patients who have completed inpatient programs or those ones who have relapse and require an intermediate programme before they resume their normal lives. For them, the partial hospitalization program offers the same services as residential could, but they do not necessarily have to live in the treatment facilities. Here they attend their therapy session during the day and are allowed to go back home in the evening.

Outpatient programs

Graphic of man sittingThis is usually the best bet for individuals who have experienced very short lapses with the use of one or two drugs. Here the patient does not stay in the rehabilitation facility since this could interfere with their professional lives. But they are put through intensive therapies to ensure that they lead clean lives.

With any of the above programs, one can kick away the bad habits of drug use and addiction.