Health Benefits of Playing Golf for Seniors in Their 70s

May 21, 2023 0 Comments

Golf, often referred to as “the sport of a lifetime,” has been captivating people of all ages for centuries. But did you know that hitting the links can be particularly beneficial for seniors in their 70s? This is especially true if they play with the right golf scramble rules. Not only is it a super enjoyable activity to let you enjoy nature, but golf offers numerous health advantages specifically tailored to older adults. So read on; you deserve to know how this timeless game can improve both your physical and mental well-being during your golden years.

Keep Core Strength in Shape

swingingAs we age, maintaining core strength becomes increasingly important. A strong core allows for better stability and balance, significantly lowering the risk of falls and injuries. Golf is an excellent way to keep your core muscles in shape without engaging in high-intensity or strenuous workouts. Swinging a golf club involves rotation and movement of the trunk, hips, and shoulders – all key components of your core muscle group.

Each swing provides a low-impact exercise that targets these areas while promoting flexibility. In fact, navigating different terrains on the golf course helps improve coordination while providing varied levels of resistance for your abdominal region.

Gives Seniors a Purpose in Life

Playing golf can give seniors in their 70s a sense of purpose. As people age, they may feel like they have lost some of the structure and goals that were once present during their working years. Golf can help fill this void by providing a new challenge to strive for. Playing golf offers opportunities for socialization with other seniors who share similar interests. This can lead to acquiring new friendships and further enhance one’s sense of belonging. Having a regular activity like golf on the calendar provides structure to one’s day-to-day routine. It helps create consistency which is important as we age.


Provides a Low-Impact Physical Activity

Playing golf is an excellent way for seniors in their 70s to engage in low-impact physical activity. No doubt about it. That said, it puts less strain on joints than many other forms of exercise. Seniors who may have arthritis or other joint-related issues can still play the game more comfortably than they could with high-intensity workouts like running or weightlifting. The game involves walking, swinging, and carrying a golf bag, which can help improve cardiovascular health and strengthen muscles.

Sharpen Memory and Prevent Cognitive Decline

thinkingPlaying golf can also benefit seniors by helping to sharpen their memory and prevent cognitive decline. Many mental skills are involved in playing a round of golf, such as strategy, focus, and problem-solving. These skills need the use of our brain’s executive function. By regularly engaging in this game, seniors can stimulate their minds and keep their brains sharp. Golfing provides an opportunity for seniors to learn new skills, movements, and strategies they need to remember each time they play. Furthermore, studies have shown that physical activity like golf can improve blood flow throughout the body, including the brain, which benefits memory recall ability.

Golf is an incredible sport with numerous health benefits for seniors in their 70s. The low-impact nature of the game makes it a suitable physical activity for people with joint problems or mobility issues. Golf also enhances cognitive function and memory retention, providing a fun way to stay mentally sharp as you age.