Foods that Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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December 22, 2020 0 Comments

Recent studies that a lot of men are suffering from erectile dysfunction. That explains why pharmaceutical companies are now making male enhancement pills such as Viagra. However, do you know that you can eat certain foods that can radiate your intimacy? It is advisable to avoid consuming synthetic things and choose dietary products that can help you treat ED.  These are some of the foods that can help you spice up your sexual life.


watermelonA lot of studies have been done on watermelon. To learn more, you can read this post: Viagra from Nature: Can Watermelon Help Against ED? If you do some research, you will find it known as a natural Viagra. That is because it contains various compounds that relax blood vessels. For instance, it contains arginine that is known to produce Nitric Oxide. The compound plays a critical role in improving your sexual life. This is made possible by increasing blood flow to the penis and your emotions.


This is another fruit that helps increase your overall energy. Remember you can perform better in bed when you are energetic. Since the fruit is natural, you have nothing to worry about its side effects. Also, it is quite rich with lots of antioxidants and helps increase the blood flow to the genital area.

Green Vegetables

Some of the vegetables you should eat are kales, spinach, and cabbage. If you cannot find these ones, you can eat other leafy vegetables. That is because these vegetables contain minerals and vitamins. You should note that vitamin E helps increase the energy level and it can increase hormones required to improve your sexual life.

Pumpkin Seeds

You have probably heard about pumpkin seeds. These are recommended by many people. They are known to contain omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. This helps increase your sex hormones.

Dark Chocolate

The good thing about dark chocolate is that it helps reduce stress, boost your mood, and enhance your feelings. For instance, dark chocolate contains serotonin that helps boost your libido.


Another food that is touted to be a natural Viagra is banana. It contains a lot of potassium and helps boost your blood flow. Vitamin B helps boost energy so that you can last longer in bed. Moreover, it helps boost your testosterone levels.


When it comes to intimacy, you need a lot of energy. Fortunately, you can get an energy supply from nuts. Remember that nuts contain Vitamin B13 that helps boost your sperm quality and energy level.