Factors to Consider When Buying a Weighted Blanket

July 9, 2018 0 Comments

A weighted blanket is just what it sounds like; it’s heavy. However, when buying a heavy blanket, there is more than just thickness that you should consider. Weighted blankets usually weigh between five to twenty-five pounds. It’s always advisable that when shopping for a weighted blanket, it’s advisable that you choose a blanket that is at least ten percent of your body weight. Here are the things that you should look at when you want to buy a weighted blanket.

Type of Fabric

blanketThe type of fabric that is used on a weighted blanket is very important. The best fabric on weighted blankets is cotton. This is because cotton is cool, safe and very breathable. There are several options that cotton comes in such as textured corduroy, soft flannels, and heavy-weight duck-cloth.

The weight of the Blanket

When it comes to the weight of the blanket, the industry standard is 10 percent of the body weight. The weight should be evenly distributed throughout the blanket. You should buy blankets with weights that are dangerously high. This is because if the blanket is extremely heavy, it will not be safe for use, especially on young children.

Blanket Size

Blankets should always fit the user and not the bed. As a result, you should buy a weighted blanket that will lay on top of the bed without hanging over the side. If the weighted blanket is too large, a small amount of weight will be distributed on your body. This will reduce the desired 10% weight ratio.

Construction of the Blanket

blanketMost weighted blankets are usually made with two different pieces of fabric that are sandwiched together. These blankets usually have an inner seam that holds the fillers in place and an outer seam that seals the blanket.
Since weighted blankets contain loose poly pellets, they should have an additional layer for safety. The extra layer will provide the added protection for the blanket and you as the user by preventing the filler materials from getting snagged, ripped or caught. The weighted blanket should also have a design that will offer you a solid and huggable comfort.